I Hate To Say It But...

It may be the right time for you to take a serious look at how you’re investing. 

Times are suddenly difficult for our country and we’re all hoping we get through both the health aspects as well as the economic turmoil safely. As to money and investing, having half or more of your traditional IRA (non-self-directed) IRA or 401(k) ripped away and tossed to the wind is frightening.  Depending on your age, rebuilding can be quite a challenge.

I don’t personally know if there is anything safe and secure at this moment, but I do know I’d rather be in control of my funds right now than having someone else control them.  In what was dubbed the “Great Recession”, and before that the “Dotcom Bust” (better named the “Dotbomb Bust”), many of us lost a tremendous share of our assets.  We were counting on those assets being there for later when we retire.

Well, folks, the Great Recession was not Great for me.  It was terrible.  I’ll bet everyone reading this has some story to tell about these two time periods in investing.  But this is the point.  Maybe this was a good time after all to launch my course.  I’ve had some serious doubts lately, but the IRA Checkbook Control Trust: A Step-by-Step Guide (dogtailpress.com) can help you get set up fast to control your IRA and 401(k) money. 

Many of my readers know me, either as Lynda Sands or formerly as Lynda Moerschbaecher.  And those who do know me also know that I have worked diligently through many years to help educate thousands of people in the financial and planned giving world, speaking to small and large groups, consulting, legal work, writing, audios, videos, newsletters, software and more. It has been my life’s work.

Now, at first, I thought this was not a good time to launch the IRA course, but then with a little more soul searching, I realized that this is what I do. I teach.

If I can help you avoid financial catastrophe by learning how to take control and get into alternative investments with your IRA funds that don’t force you to wallow in the stock market roller coaster ride, then this is the right time.

Does it take some learning? Yes, of course. But I have done the experimenting, made the mistakes and found my way through.  And now I will share that learning with you. You won’t have to spend fruitless hours researching online on how to set up your investment structure for a Self-directed Checkbook Control entity.  When I started, I asked many people

“How do I do this?

The response was 100%,

“I don’t know, but when you find out will you share that with me?”

My response is now YES!  I’ll walk you through how to set it up, step-by-step.  And in the next blog communication, I will tell you why I think the Checkbook Control Trust is the right choice.