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The IRA Checkbook Control Trust : A Step-by-Step Guide

The IRA market is now $9.4 trillion.  Only 2% of that is in Self-directed IRAs offering elbow room to invest in a wide variety of assets—real estate, notes, closely held stock, LLCs, trusts, options and more.  Better yet, when you use an IRA Checkbook Control Trust or LLC, your IRA account is in your control.  Be the boss and ramp up your profits.  Five easy to view video modules plus bonus PDF downloads get you up and running with checkbook control in no time flat.  This Step-by-Step Guide provides all the know-how you need.

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Plain English Planned Giving

An eight-module online video course designed for the major gift officer who needs to know how to spot planned gift opportunities and leads without having to become a technical expert in planned giving!
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Quick Start Guide to Working Effectively with CRTs

If you have wanted to jump into using Charitable Remainder Trusts for your clients or donors,but you have not really figured out the best and quickest way to get started effectively, Quick Start Guide to Working with CRTs Effectively is the answer. This video course is the fastest and most effective way to get going with CRTs. Four modules with video lessons, PDFs, Power Point slides and bonus packages for use with your clients/donors take you far beyond the basics.

These four modules will get you up and running in no time flat. Bonus materials will assist you in working with your client. Get started now. Double your AUM easily with CRTs, fill your pipeline if you area fundraiser, and for CPAs and attorneys, get the real facts of how these work. If you don’t think there is a lot of incorrect information out there online, please see my blog post category called “Stupid Things People Say About CRTs”. That says it all!
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Charitable Remainder Trusts: Mystery or Mastery?

Easy-to-read handbooks on charitable remainder trusts for the advisor or the fundraiser consisting of five individual e-books in a series. Discover what you need to know to advise your client and set up the right trust for the client’s needs and individual situation. CRTs can offer substantial benefits if you know how to use them effectively. Ramp up your expertise with these Step-by-Step Guides.


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The New Pooled Income Fund

You thought the pooled income fund was dead, a concept from the past that doesn't work now. THINK AGAIN. It is reborn. The combination of low AFR rates and the modified definition of “income” in the 2004 regulations make this one of the most exciting charitable gift vehicles right now. Start a new pooled income fund and use the current 2.2% AFR. Compare that to the same CRT deduction—at least twice the deduction! No 100% confiscatory tax on UBTI, no minimum 10% remainder rule, and you can even use the power of adjustment to allocate earnings between income and principal. Income can be redefined to include capital gain. If you have any idea how powerful all of that makes a pooled income fund, this is the course you need to adopt it for your clients or your organization. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you definitely need this course! Three modules, video lessons, Power Point slides you can use in making your own presentations, PDF downloads and much more.

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Miracle Marketing Method 

Marketing online may seem different than marketing offline. However, you may be surprised to discover there are 6 basic principles of marketing that apply to both.  These 6 principles lead to the best 6 steps in marketing.  If these 6 steps are taken in sequence, whether online or offline, they lead to finding, targeting, profiling, assessing, reaching and converting the market to disciplined, accountable, lucrative sales. It will transform your marketing forever.  Don’t start at zero.  Other marketing courses assume you already know these principles and how to make their teaching and mentoring fruitful.  But they start at the wrong place.  This course gives you a strong, logical foundation. Get a dynamic jumpstart and enjoy the rocket ride to success.

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Homerun Speaking

Public speaking is the greatest and fastest one can get ahead in life Whether it's hunting for a job or improving your self-esteem, speaking professionally can place you front and center on the road to greater success. In this book, you can find expert advice for developing your speaking skills and putting you on the right track to greatness. Never will you have to be afraid to assert yourself and chart a new path to your life's goals.
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Blueprint for Planned Giving Success

A Four-Book Series deriving originally from seminars I gave across the U.S.  There were four three-day seminars, the underlying philosophy of which was that you were just assigned to start a planned giving program.  You were given an office, or maybe just a cubicle, a desk, a chair, a pad of paper and a sharp yellow pencil.  Nothing else, and you had never done this before.

Where would you start?

First, you must think through what you hope to accomplish (Book #1: Think).  Second, you need to create your written plans to lay the foundation for its success. (Book #2: Plan).  Third, a time comes when your goal is ready for you to act upon your plans and make it happen. (Book #3:  Act).  Fourth, once it happens, you will succeed only if you understand how to manage both the program itself and the resulting closed gifts.  (Book #4:  Manage).

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Mad Dog Driving

A small book of poems that range from the irreverent to the irrelevant, written over 40 years but never before shared.

These are easy to read and rich with insights about life and love that will soon be available in audio format.


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It's About Time

Every second is precious and yet oh so fleeting. This book explores how to appreciate time for what everyone wants it to be: a person complete with emotions.

Let's look at how time reacts to normal human situations in this hilarious graphic book.

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A Tale for Betty

They all say cats have nine lives, and somehow it's true!

Filled with insights on how fleeting life can be, A Tale for Betty will teach how to appreciate the littlest things in life.


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Everything You Need to Know About Trusts Your Mother Already Taught You

A delightful little book that teaches you the important elements of setting up your trust by using rules or warnings your mother always told you when you were growing up. These "Mom" lessons actually apply when you decide to set up a trust, whether a family living trust, an insurance trust, a charitable remainder trust, or any other type of personal trust. It provides an enjoyable way to learn the basic principles of trust planning.


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Lynda L. Sands is a lawyer, consultant, trainer, author and motivational speaker in philanthropic planning.

She specializes in strategic designs and solutions for philanthropic transfers of wealth.

Her 40+ years of specializing in high net worth philanthropy have provided her with exceptional depth of expertise in solving design issues and asset transfer issues, as well as resolving problematic cases where charitable gifts were not well designed and executed.

Lynda has written several books and many articles in her professional field of philanthropy but has always enjoyed writing fiction and nonfiction. For many years she has kept a collection of private works on her computer and in her head. With this edition, she has decided to make a few of them public. Lynda lives in Central Oregon with her aviation journalist husband and her black Labrador retriever (and a bunch of deer, birds, cats, rabbits, gophers, and other animals that saunter through their land on a regular basis).

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