Plain English Planned Giving Teaches Asset-based Philanthropy

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2020

When you arrive at the intersection of major gifts and planned giving you will discover a beacon of light showing the way forward called Plain English Planned Giving. It teaches “Asset-based Philanthropy”


The wealth of donors is not in cash, it is in assets they own. 


The current and ongoing needs of an organization cannot be fulfilled in post-death promises, although those are needed too. They are fulfilled in current, substantial transfers of wealth.  In other words—assets.


Cash is a small part of wealth, and as net worth increases, the share of wealth held in cash decreases.  That leaves ASSETS as the best bet for major and planned gifts!


Don’t wait.  Not another minute.

Please do not say to yourself,

“But I’m a one-person development office.  Where will I find the time to do all those things?” 

“But those successful programs, they are in large organizations and their fundraising is more developed.” 

“But I don’t know planned giving.”

“But I have never learned about gift vehicles and taxes.”

“But I’m scared to talk to a prospect about things I don’t know.”


A.I.M. (Am I mortified) to do asset-based gifts? 

So were these folks:


At first, I was afraid your course was way over my head but as we went on, I appreciated how you made it accessible to all of us no matter where we were coming from.

~Teresa F.


When it began, I wondered how much could get covered in a half-hour a day, and whether I could stick with it.  I’ve enjoyed the course and have benefitted from your knowledge and great presentation skills!  This is the kind of course that real practitioners need—it has the theory as well as the practical information to help “students” become better fundraisers in all ways.”

~Susan M.


The 21-year-old organization that I have been working with for the past 15 years knows that it needs to expand into planned giving, but the everyday struggle to provide general operating support and to manage periodic capital expansion campaigns with a very small staff has been a real roadblock.  I’ve taken this course to get the blueprint for making that happen.  It was a phenomenal series, jam-packed with invaluable info.  Thank you so much!”

~Elizabeth E.



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