What? Pooled Income Funds are not dead after all?

Maybe you or your organization have slept through the transformation of this highly lucrative, easy-to-operate gift vehicle. It’s not your grandmother’s Pooled Income Fund from 1969 or 1979 or 1989, or even 1999.

It has undergone a complete shift in the underlying concept of “income” and how you and your donor will share it. Your donor does not need to hire an attorney to draft a charitable remainder trust or put out big bucks to set it up. This gift vehicle is ready-made and ready to go, easy for donors to understand, and can take in gifts of $50,000 or $5,000,000!

Plus, there is no 100% confiscatory tax on UBTI as with CRTs, no minimum 10% remainder rule as for gift annuities and CRTs, and you can even use the power of adjustment to allocate earnings between income and principal. Income can be redefined to include capital gain. This course is a on-demand video course with lots of materials provided.
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What you will learnโ€”

  • Discover why pooled income funds fell out of favor and how their surprising revival came about.
  • Explore the eight best markets for the new pooled income fund and how to approach those prospects.
  • Learn the easy way to comprehend the eight Internal Revenue Code rules that make the pooled income fund a qualified fund that is really a powerhouse.
  • Understand the SEC exemption from securities laws just in case you are asked about it.
  • Compare the CRT to the PIF and two dozen ways they differ.
  • Determine what three types of legal instruments you need to complete your package so you are ready to roll right from the start.

1 Hour webinar/session and more materials in a single resource package


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