Miracle Marketing Method

Marketing is an overused word.  Most people think it means advertising, selling, or sending out materials online or offline.  That’s outreach or communications, not marketing.  Marketing is the successful program for lead generation and product or gift design that results in closed sales and gifts—regularly, all the time!

Six principles apply to marketing both online and offline. These six principles lead to the six magic steps of marketing that drive finding, targeting, profiling, assessing, reaching and converting the market, resulting in lucrative sales or closed gifts. You will understand the natural flow of the asset-based gift process without ever having taken a major or planned giving class. Learn this valuable technique in three short online, on-demand videos.  Each video is approximately 60 minutes.

Get a dynamic jumpstart on marketing and enjoy the rocket ride to success.


What you will learn...

Take Six Steps to Success in Marketing!

Step One—How to discover your real market potential and what your relationship is with three separate facets of that market potential.  From your closest to your most attenuated market—the consumers--explore how to draw them closer to you, the producer.

Step Two—Learn what it really means to “segment your market” and how each segment become a “target market”.  This is a tried and true principle that applies to online and offline marketing.

Step Three—Analyze how to “profile” the “ideal customer/client/consumer” for each of your target markets, and then how to apply that to your service or product.

Step Four—Figure out how to unveil your “Unique Selling Proposition” and make it do the heavy lifting for you.

Step Five—Look at the different marketing outreach plans available to you both online and offline, and set up your “4 M’s” for your outreach and communication planning.  This is where you must get respondents and convert!

Step Six—Shake hands with your one-on-one respondent consumer.  Teach him/her the KLT you offer—Know, Like, Trust.  Tailor your product or service to this very person and you now have  this person in your “marketing funnel”.

Do this at your leisure or within your work schedule without meeting a rigid time frame of set classes or webinars, and without having to travel to meetings

Become a part of the planned giving success!

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Get a dynamic jumpstart on marketing and enjoy the rocket ride to success. 12 on-demand videos, 30 minutes each, CFRE credits applied for.


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