Take Command:  Steer Your IRA Towards Higher Income Opportunities!


The IRA market is now $9.4 trillion as of March 2019!

Only 2% of that is self-directed IRAs that invest in much higher income-generating assets.

Why invest in sluggish-return assets, such as money market funds, mutual funds, publicly-traded stocks that may or may not produce capital growth, taxed as ordinary income when distributed, and only a smidgen of income?

A self-directed IRA allows for investment in “alternative assets” that traditional custodians just don’t offer or permit. Self-directed IRAs offer a lot of elbow room to invest in a wide variety of assets—real estate, notes, closely held stock, LLCs, trusts, and more. 

Better yet, when you use a IRA Checkbook Control Trust or LLC, with your Self-directed IRA Account, your IRA investments are controlled by you, the account holder. 

But it takes some education to know how to make this work. Jumpstart your self-directed investments using IRA Checkbook Control Trusts and LLCs with this Step-by-Step GuideEasy to view video modules get you up and running in no time flat.  PDF downloads expand your education and knowledge.  Put your IRA money to work fast.



Module One:  Setting Up the IRA Checkbook Control Trust

Don’t be left dragging through many websites trying to find out how "this Checkbook Control thing" is done while you lose good deals that need to close right now!. In this Module you will learn in minutes exactly the steps it takes to find a great custodian or administrator to get your IRA Checkbook Control Trust set up fast and correctly.

Module Two:  Gathering All the Right Documents to Get the Trust Up and Running in No Time

Your colleagues may be amazed at how easily you got your Checkbook Control Trust functioning. In this Module you will learn the secrets to getting your custodian or administrator and your bank to move on it and take action fast.

Module Three: Now That Your Trust is Operational, Get to Work on Finding Good Assets!

You are on your way now to getting great assets into your IRA Checkbook Control Trust that earn you money while you sleep. This Module will give you the blueprint for intaking them correctly and operating the Trust efficiently.

Module Four: Manage Your Checkbook Control Entity, And Once the Profits Are In, Wrap it Up, Take Your Gains, and Recycle the Funds into New Projects

Enjoy a job well done!  You’ve made money and now will discover how to “rinse and repeat” as they say. This Module presents a roadmap to a quick wrap up that gets your money recirculating into new deals as soon as possible.

Module Five: Watch Your Six:  Rules You Need To Be Safe When You Are On Your Own

This Module keeps you seriously safe!  You won’t just hear about issues like unrelated business income and prohibited transactions, you will be comfortable knowing with this one-of-a-kind training you will actually understand them. The value in learning these rules in an easy to absorb manner is immense.


If you want more information on how to use an LLC instead of an IRA Asset Trust, that will be forthcoming VERY SOON as a short add-on to this course.


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