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Public speaking is the greatest and fastest way one can get ahead in life whether it's hunting for a job, closing deals and sales, job advancement, or improving your self-esteem. Speaking like a professional can place you front and center on the road to greater success. It is critical to your success in fundraising. Every development officer at every level of institutional advancement from the beginner to the VP or CEO needs to be able at any moment to step up to the platform and be engaging, not just delivering content. You need to understand how to move people to action.

In this short mini-course of four 45 minute modules, you will enjoy expert advice to develop your speaking skills and put you on the map with the best. Never again will you have to be concerned about getting up on stage, presenting your unique views and expertise in an engaging way. See the student testimonials.


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Don't waste your precious time just dreaming about making more money or greater strides in your business or your life!

Do you know what is holding you back? YOU!

  • Discover what you really have to offer to the world and introduce the new you right now!
  • Develop charisma, content and impressive delivery!
  • Become a magnet for success, whether your audience is 1 or 1,000!
  • Enjoy the success and rewards you deserve!

What Lynda has to offer might just be your ticket!


4  online sessions  45-60  minutes each with  PDF  downloads!


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