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Mad Dog Driving

A small book of poems that range from the irreverent to the irrelevant, written over 40 years but never before shared.

These are easy to read and rich with insights about life and love that will soon be available in audio format.

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It's About Time

Every second is precious and yet oh so fleeting. This book explores how to appreciate time for what everyone wants it to be: a person complete with emotions.

Let's look at how time reacts to normal human situations in this hilarious graphic book.

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A Tale for Betty

They all say cats have nine lives, and somehow it's true!

Filled with insights on how fleeting life can be, A Tale for Betty will teach how to appreciate the littlest things in life.


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Everything You Need to Know About Trusts Your Mother Already Taught You

A delightful little book that teaches you the important elements of setting up your trust by using rules or warnings your mother always told you when you were growing up. These "Mom" lessons actually apply when you decide to set up a trust, whether a family living trust, an insurance trust, a charitable remainder trust, or any other type of personal trust. It provides an enjoyable way to learn the basic principles of trust planning.

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