Blueprint for Planned Giving Success

Blueprint for Planned Giving Success is a Four-Book Series deriving originally from seminars I gave across the U.S.  There were four three-day seminars, the underlying philosophy of which was that you were just assigned to start a planned giving program.  You were given an office, or maybe just a cubicle, a desk, a chair, a pad of paper and a sharp yellow pencil.  Nothing else, and you had never done this before,
Where would you start?  How could you accomplish this?  The seminars covered first, setting up the necessary elements of the program, second, gift vehicles and assets, third, taxes and presentations to donors, and fourth, administering the gifts after the gift was closed.  The seminar series had four huge manuals each of over 200 pages. 
Over the years, these seminars led to this series of books.  However, in this book series I have left out the session on Gift Vehicles and Assets because there is now so much written and recorded on this aspect of the program I felt it unnecessary to include this rote material.  What is most important now, in my opinion, is the “how to” of creating a well-established and well run planned giving program.
Where do you start?  First, you must think through what you hope to accomplish (Book #1:  Think).  Second, you need to create your written plans to lay the foundation for its success. (Book #2:  Plan).  Third, a time comes when your goal is ready for you to act upon your plans and make it happen. (Book #3:  Act).  Fourth, once it happens, you will succeed only if you understand how to manage both the program itself and the resulting closed gifts.  (Book #4:  Manage).
Bringing the classroom to you!  We are working on links to videos for the classroom exercises associated with each book.  Stay tuned for this as we progress


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