Dogtail Press 

Dogtail Press was founded by Lynda L. Sands in 2017 as a publishing site.

Why Dogtail? It may sound silly, but I have learned a few things from sayings on coffee mugs. For example,

“A dog’s tail never lies.” If you have ever had a dog, you know that is true. And that is a thought I would like to carry over to this site for my publications, books and digital courses.

Over the four decades of being in the legal profession and travelling across the country
speaking to groups, presenting seminars, and writing several books and many articles, I have
developed some interesting ideas about work and life and the intersection of the two.

At one point, in 1988, I wrote an article about tax reform. It was a fiction piece, my first ever, called "The Morning Of..." in which development officers at a nonprofit in September 2018, 30 years hence, had to come to grips with the repeal of the income tax and learn how to do
fundraising without the benefit of a tax deduction.

It was a very popular article and I got many comments from readers of my newsletter, Charitable Gift Planning News in which it was published.

Most interesting, however, was a comment in person from a reader. She asked what the next episode would be.

I said, “What next episode?”

She replied, “You know, what happened next in the meeting of the development officers?”

I queried, “I never thought of continuing on. How would I do that?”

She answered with absolute confidence, “Well, it’s easy, you just keep writing!”

An intersection happened at that moment in life, actually a merger of interests.

Privately, I had been writing a book of poems since 1965, but never imagined publishing it. I had laid out a futuristic novel that remains to be put to pen and ink. And I began to write many more books and articles in my field.

My ideas for writing (and videoing) interests in my life also greatly
expanded. See

With the advent of easy self-publishing, Dogtail Press came to life. I am a serial dog lover, one
after another, Sandy, Max, Goose, Dexter, Zeke, and who knows who else. They encourage me, their tails wagging, sometimes so hard their butts wiggle.

Their happiness and companionship spur me on and fills me with good creative thoughts. And they encourage me to give honestly to you what I can from what I have created.

Dogtail Press was born to put out to the world things I have learned in work and life and care to share. But more than that—if you, too, have been inspired to write about your life, your work and your interests and would like to publish it here, please contact me.

Let’s talk! Wag your tail until your butt wiggles!

  [email protected]

   541-527-4265 | 858-414-0800

  Dogtail Press

  Lynda Sands


Footnote: The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, which took effect in 2018, has eliminated or reduced so many deductions and raised the standard deduction so high that very few taxpayers now itemize deductions, affecting hundreds of thousands of people who gave to charity and took a charitable deduction. While the income tax was not repealed as predicted in my article, a similar effect has taken place—same year, 2018, as in my 1988 article. It is projected that 90% of taxpayers will now just opt for the higher standard deduction. We’ll see what effect it will have on charitable gifts. 

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