Are you really using Charitable Remainder Trusts effectively? Or did you leave them in a pile of dust after taking some classes, putting the book on the shelf, and going back to gift annuities or just cash and stock gifts?  If you have wanted to jump into using Charitable Remainder Trusts for your clients or donors, but you have not really figured out the best and quickest way to get started, Quick Start Guide to Working with CRTs is the answer. Four short 45+ minute modules with online video lessons, PDFs, PowerPoint slides and bonus packages for use with your clients/donors take you far beyond the basics to skillful planning.

This video course is the fastest and most effective way to succeed with CRTs.  CSPG students will find this an amazing refresher course.




See what you'll learn!

Module One: Tools of the trade 

Focuses on the variations of the CRT, how they differ and how they are the same, which type of trust is best for what client, and most important, the steps in the planning process for the client/donor. You will know exactly how to start the conversation, and what to do next for each of 5 steps until the deal is closed.

Module Two: How to use these tools, case #1, publicly-traded stock

Covers a case study on using appreciated securities as the funding asset for a CRT. It will lead you through three different types of CRT to use with publicly traded stock, depending what you hear from your client/donor. Most people think it is a just a black and white non-issue, use an SCRUT. I suppose what you don't know won't hurt you—but it will hurt your client. Through three iterations of the case study you will learn exactly how to use the right type of CRT depending on your client's situation and motivation, creatively and correctly.

Module Three: More complex assets

It will cover what you need to know to use real estate as a funding asset while keeping you and your client safe from potentially nasty repercussions if you lead them incorrectly in the design or implementation of a real estate gift into a CRT. This is a critical module for effective planning.

Module Four: Operation and termination of a CRT


These four modules will get you up and running in no time flat. Bonus materials will assist you in working with your client. Get started now. Double your AUM easily with CRTs if you manage funds, fill your pipeline if you are a fundraiser, and for CPAs and attorneys, get the real facts of how these work. If you don’t think there is a lot of incorrect information out there online, please see my blog post category called “Stupid Things People Say About CRTs”. That says it all!